We have possessed in depth knowledge in the business by executing various BPO and Call centre services for our global clients. With the help of technology and trained people we execute processes with absolute satisfaction of our clients. We provide unmatched Call Centre and BPO services to our clients, maintaining high level of confidentiality. Every outsourced activity of the client is handled by trained professionals, monitored by supervisors, audited by Quality Team and finally delivered to the client.

  • Call Centre Services
    • In Bound
    • Out Bound
    • Telemarketing
    • Collections
    • Follow up
    • Lead Generation
    • Survey / Research
    • Help Desk / Technical support
  • BPO Services
    • Back Office Operations
    • Accounts & Finance Services
    • HR Services
    • Data Processing
    • Department/Domain/Vertical Support
Call Center Services

Customers are the key to any business. It’s imperative to keep the existing customers happy and to induct new customers always. Call centre services can help businesses to perform both the activities through Inbound and Outbound Services. A satisfied customer will bring few more customers to the organization. At the same time, if a customer is not serviced professionally then obviously the organization has to compromise their brand image and ultimately loose customers.
Some of our proficient call centre services are,

Inbound Customer services are referred as Inbound. We act as a remote center for our clients to handle their customers’ queries. The services can be rendered through Voice, Chat, SMS and Email. Customer service, order status, product briefing, enquiries, Technical Trouble shooting, reservations, IVR enabled customer services, Order processing, HR Services etc. Through inbound we also perform sales through up-selling and cross selling. Our customer care representatives attend to customer queries with utmost efficiency and promptness, thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Outbound Telemarketing services are referred as outbound services. We have street-smart, aggressive telemarketers who create the need to the customer and sell the products / services. Our team is capable of selling any product, services, solutions etc. The calls are made to the prospective customers or even to the existing customers with the idea to sell a product or conduct a survey so on or so forth. Info search specializes in providing outbound services like Telemarketing, Collections, Research, Survey and Follow up calls.

Telemarketing Selling or marketing of products or services through telephone. Our telemarketing services involve interaction with the potential customers for generating interest in products and services and also up-sell or promote and cross sell products to an existing customer base. We have capabilities in doing B2C and B2B campaigns.

Collections Collection of outstanding payments and debts. This process requires meticulous follow up. The process should never attempt to spoil the relationship with the customer.

Survey / Research Market research, customer satisfaction survey, product / concept acceptance survey, Competitor analysis etc. are some of the activities which can be performed. We have extensive experience in performing these activities on various products and services

Sales Follow up Follow ups are essential for a successful sale process. We at Info search help clients in sales follow up process. The generated sales leads through campaigns, road shows etc. can be converted as sales through effective follow ups.

Toll Free Support Services It’s a premium support service offered to customers by clients. Customers need not pay even for the telephone cost while calling for their queries or complaints. We offer 1800 / 0800 / 1860 etc. to various corporate entities across the globe.

Lead Generation: Generation of quality leads is essential to a business. The idea behind lead generation is to get in touch with the prospective customers and to create an interest in their minds relating to the company’s product by highlighting its advantages and benefits. Our outbound call centers consists of specially trained personnel who procure leads of prospective customers through various ways that makes the customer to share his/her details spontaneously. Our team will be provided with adequate product knowledge which helps them in generating leads and providing effective services to our clients.

Help desk and Technical support Technical support is an important part of the service function as it brings multiple resources together for the purpose of solving issues thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and also customer retention. It also increases the company’s revenue through cross selling and up selling of products or services .The Internal help desk helps in increasing employee satisfaction

BPO Services

We offer wide range of Business process outsourcing BPO services to our clients. We offer complete operation support which includes supporting clients on core and non core business activities. Our services help our clients to focus on their business and save operational cost. We depute suitable manpower to perform each BPO Services thus enable unbeatable and improvised operation support.
We offer the following BPO services,

  • Accounts & Finance operations
  • HR Services
  • Data Processing
  • Non Voice marketing support
  • Non voice Customer support
Accounts & Finance
We support accounts & finance outsourcing through secured environment to ensure confidentiality and to prevent data leak. The various accounting services include internal audits ,financial statement preparation, general ledger maintenance, monthly and year-end closing assistance, payroll, sales tax return preparation, account reconciliations, accounts payable processing etc..

HR Services
HR activities such as pay-roll administration, training and development, record keeping, performance appraisal records, human resource policy clarification etc are all people intensive activities which involve a lot of time and energy. Such activities are repetitive and routine in nature. Therefore the companies with intent to concentrate on their core activities outsource these activities.
These services include,
• Payroll administration including handling taxes issues, Leave with wages, sick leave etc.
• Employee benefits: Health, Medical, Group Medical, Life, 401(k) plans etc.
• HR management includes Recruitment, Induction, PMS, Training & Development, Exit interviews, Resignation and relieving procedures, Employee Travel plans etc.
• Employees’ background checks
• Employees’ grievance handling & Welfare activities

Data processing
Data processing is a critical activity in an organization. It’s a time consuming activity and needs to be accurate. We offer data processing, data mining, data cleansing, new database creation etc. for various departments in an organization like Marketing, R&D, HRD, Accounts & finance etc. Department/Domain/Vertical Support
We offer extensive BPO Operations to various Departments in an organization like Marketing, Customer Support, Accounts & Finance, R&D, Legal, Sourcing/vendor management, Supply Chain, CRM, Administration/HRD, IT support, Facility management, Public relations, Media planning, Advertising etc.

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